Knight Shows, Jousting Exhibitions and Medieval Demonstrations for Weddings, Product Launches, Schools and Corporate events.

Knight Show although a new company has been around for many years in different guises. We have Jousted at Camelot Theme Park for 27 Years (now defunct) and at Warwick Castle for what will this year be ten seasons and we have enjoyed every minute, well nearly.

We now offer two different sizes of shows, both great in their own right. We do a four Knight Show using characters from your area or even your company and incorporate the script around them, rather like having your own episode of Corrie.

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We have all the usual refineries a good show requires, The majesty of the Horses, the gallantry of the Knights, well some of them, the ferocity of the fights and the and of course the energy and force of the Joust.

Add into that a bit of comedy and it all boils down to a great show enjoyed by all. The cast size for this show is usually ten. We now do a mini version of the main show with two Knights, from opposing sides who do battle in exactly the same way there are still fights and Jousts and all the rest but not quite as much, but the show still lasts up to 25 minutes and is no less spectacular, (apart from quantity). So if you after a great show at a great price, the two man show delivers nearly as much as the four man but at half the price, get in touch and let us quote you for our show at your venue today.

Hire a Knight on Horseback!

Also available is our Knight on Horseback which is a service we offer to anyone who wants to make a big impression at their event, whether it be a Wedding, Product Launch or company get together our Knight on Horseback can deliver speeches or just sit there and look great, we usually use our Black Friesian Stallion who will stand and be stoked but looks great,

Our Riders have worked with us for a long time and when not Jousting can be found supplying their talents to the world of Film and TV, in such films as King Arthur (2015) Robin Hood and lots of other Horse based films as well as doing stunts in other film and TV genres. But for them nothing beats the live shows.

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